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Take your whole class on an adventure trip you won't soon forget!
Compete against each other and learn to cooperate because in our cells the team always wins over the self.

The bookings are valid for students in primary and secondary school, daytime, weekdays (not school holidays).

The price includes VAT and applies to everyone, including teachers and accompanying adults.

Recommended age from year 12 years and above.

Please note that it is not permitted to bring your own food into our premises. If you want food, you can contact us.

if you do not want to pay on the spot, it is important that you submit the invoice to us no later than 1 week before the booked time.

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Start booking

You can always add or remove people/additions and even cancel via the booking confirmation that you receive in a separate email. 

You pay for the number of peeople booked, minor numbers can be adjusted via the link up to 24 hours before your visit. For reservations with food, 48 hours apply.

Please note that if payment is made on site with card, we want one person to pay for all.