How the game works

Challenge each other in teams of 3-4 people, or come as a team and collect points! If you are really competitive, you can measure yourself against other teams that have been with us on Prison Island and make an attempt to reach our Hall of Fame.

On 1000 m2 you will find 38 cells, each with a unique mission to complete. Some rooms are very reminiscent of escape rooms, others may require intelligence such as quizzes or puzzles, some require skills such as accuracy, balance or involve some form of creative testing, some may look like a pure obstacle course. But! It's rarely quite as easy as it looks. What may look like an obstacle course often has something clever to solve along the way. You can count on having all your senses put to the test, not least the ability to work together!

You never get locked in, so it's not all about managing to get out of the rooms, but about collecting as many points as possible. You get full points if you have shown that you know exactly what to do to complete the tasks inside the cells. If you have done something right or come a little way along the way, you often get partial points. The cells can therefore look very different. There is a screen that shows you how long you have in the cell (usually 2-5 minutes) and how many points you have managed to collect. There are rarely any instructions in the cells, however, there can be a lot of information to take in, so it is important to keep your eyes open and your head on the shaft.

How to book

  1.  Choose one of our packages below to read more and see if there are available times. We have several booking options where you can choose everything from simple playing time to packages with room and food for celebrations or corporate events. Please book no later than one day before the visit, otherwise it is fine to call us to see if there are available times on the same day.                        
  2. Time for games! When you have divided yourselves into teams of 3-4 people, it is time for a game briefing where our staff will instruct you on how the game works.

Good to know


Payment always takes place on the spot and you pay for the number of people booked.


Arrive on time before your booked visit, 15 minutes before is usually enough for smaller groups. Be sure to bring SEK 10 coins if you want to lock valuables in our lockers. If you want to save time, you can prepare teams of 3-4 people and come up with a team name for each team.


Non-sore clothes are always an advantage. Expect to get warm as the challenges can be physically demanding.

Own room

For those of you who have booked an activity with an associated room, we would like you to spend the last 15 minutes in the room so that you have time to go within the framework of your booked time.


Vår rekomenderade ålder är från 10 år .  Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Child price applies from 7 years up to and including 15 years. (The children go to primary school)

Barn under 7 år går gratis i vuxens sällskap,  ett barn per betalande vuxen.


It is not permitted to bring your own food into our premises, we refer you to our café.

Keep in mind that food such as tacos and baguettes need to be pre-ordered in connection with booking.

Cancellation & change of booking

You can always add or remove people/extras and cancel via the booking confirmation that you receive in a separate email. Please note that payment is made on the spot and that the booking can only be changed up to 24 hours before it is time for your visit. You pay when you arrive for the reserved number of seats. If you book snacks, other rules apply, but generally you adjust the booking as soon as you get a deviation - please let us know via email before your arrangement. This also applies to food deviations such as special diets, allergies, etc


The short answer is yes. But keep in mind that some of our challenges require at least 3 people to get maximum points. Therefore, we recommend that you either find an extra person to take with you on the adventure or that you choose a shorter playing time.

We keep forgotten clothes for 2 weeks. Therefore, contact us as soon as you can if you have forgotten something.

Phone 031 797 19 99  eller mail

To book with the Go City pass, book an appointment as usual via the website, but be sure to write "Go City" as a comment in the booking.

Note! Go City pass only applies to regular game packages and for 1 hour. 

We offer different languages ​​in our cells, such as English, French, Spanish, German or Dutch. 

We can also hold the introduction in English and sometimes Spanish. Please write in the booking if you want another language.

Companies - Larger groups (Over 30 people)

We want you to adjust the number of people in your booking as soon as you know by clicking on the link (see my booking). 

If you have to cancel the visit, it must be done at least one week before arrival.

Changes to individual numbers (10%) in your booking must be made no later than 24 hours before your arrival, if your booking includes food, it applies 2 days before arrival.

For larger groups and companies, cancellations take place:

  • One week before arrival, 100% of the booking amount is charged

  • Two weeks before arrival, 25% of the booking amount is charged

Changes to individual numbers (10%) in your booking should be made no later than 24 hours before your arrival, if your booking includes food, it applies 2 days before arrival.

Otherwise, you pay for the number you booked, unless otherwise agreed according to the booking confirmation.

We can only invoice associations and companies.

In order to be able to invoice, we need to receive an invoicing document via email before you arrive.
It must be stated there who is to be invoiced (name), if applicable. codes. That is the information that needs to be on the invoice so that it fits your administrative procedures for certificates etc.
To buy gift cards, you can come here and buy it, or we can send it to you.
 If you want us to send it to you, that's fine, but the amount needs to exceed SEK 300 and it works like this:
- When you receive the gift card, swipe over the amount and notify us
- We will contact you via phone or email and you will receive a control number that you enter and which makes the card valid.

It works with five, but everyone may not get to do everything and you may have to take turns in the cells.

But it is often better to be five because if you get 3+2, the two can get full points in all cells.  

Opening hours

Måndag – Lördag:  10:00-20:00 Söndag: 10:00-18:00 (se lediga tider i bokningssystemet)

Other opening hours

23 december – 10:00-15:00
Julafton – STÄNGT
Juldagen – STÄNGT
Annandag jul 12:00-18:00

Nyårsafton 10:00-15:00
Nyårsdagen – STÄNGT

Trettondagsafton 10:00-18:00

Where is Prison Island Gothenburg?

Adress: Åbäcksgatan 6A
Den närmsta hållplatsen heter Krokslätts torg. Korsa Krokslätts torg och följ Krokslättsgatan till kvarteret Lindenhof där du kommer att se entrén vid parkeringen. Få hjälp med att planera resan via Västtrafiks reseplanerare  Here

Parking is outside the door, you can park here easypark & parkster.

För dig som cyklar, åk längs med Mölndalsvägen mot Mölndal och sväng av när du når spårvagnshållplatsen Krokslätts torg och följ sedan anvisningarna längst för kollektivt. Vi har cykelställ precis utanför dörren.