A fast-paced activity in Gothenburg; for all occasions

pröva samarbetsförmågan kreativiteten intelligensen kroppskontrollen flåset

Mölndals roligaste anstalt!

Escape rooms with a twist

Gather your friends, colleagues or family, form teams of 3-4 people and try to solve the challenges in our 38 cells. The challenges vary between different types of obstacle courses, quizzes, escape rooms and 5-match similar trials, but remember: it's never as easy as it looks! It all boils down to collaborating and solving large and small problems. You get points depending on how well you perform in each cell.

There's always a good reason to come to Prison Island!

Combine with the family reunion, friends, after work, team building, bachelor party, conference, birthday celebration or as a school class 

or simply because it´s fun! 

Prison Island is a great option for any occasion.

For family and friends

 Time for an extra fun activity with friends and family?

Put each other to the test and challenge our cells for 1.5-3 hours and book a package with or without a room for food and drinks

Teambuilding & Conference in Gothenburg

 Challenge your colleagues. Put the boss behind bars! Will your performance form the basis for the next salary negotiation? Nobody knows.

What we can say for sure is that the challenges on Prison Island will bring you closer to new and old colleagues as you work together to beat the opposing teams. Here the ability to cooperate will really be put to the test.

Choose between Teambuilding/Conference, Afterwork or contact us if you want your own arrangement.

Activity for celebration in Gothenburg


Do you have something to celebrate? The last days before you tie the knot? Should the birthday just be a number? Can you still work together? 


Parties for 10-15 years olds

Do you want an exciting and challenging party?

With our party/party activities, you get an unforgettable birthday. Prepare yourself for both physical and clever challenges in our cells.

The packages include a party room where you are offered food and have the opportunity to congratulate the birthday child and open packages.

Activities for Schools & Associations

Are you looking for a fun activity to do with school in Gothenburg? 

Look no further!

At Prison Island, you don't just have incredible fun. You challenge both each other and yourself, the ability to work together is key because here it's the team before the self that matters.